Director´s Note

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been compulsively filming everyone and everything for no particular reason. All my love stories and breakups have been recorded and systematically stored. As I continued to change boyfriends and hometowns every two years or so, I filmed my friends with their boyfriends, then husbands, their pregnant bellies, until they were surrounded by children. The last of my single friends from school is getting married. Now, I’m the only one left behind. I’m 35, Argentine, Jewish and single. These four categories don’t seem to go smoothly together. Why am I still single? Why do my relationships never last more than two years? So I decided to make a film about the questions that for the last 10 years I’ve been struggling to answer. And I begin an investigation of my love life: one by one, I look for my former boyfriends. Maybe there is something that takes my relationships to an end. I don't know what that is; perhaps one of them could tell me. I also approach the women in my family. My mother believes I’m a nonconformist. My grandmother tells me that it's hard to be alone in life; "You live with your head in the clouds," she says. Yes, some of us just don't follow the norm. 25% of me wants to get married, 27 % wants to be free, 26 % longs for a spiritual life, and 22% wants to have children. Should I settle down or remain a free spirit?